2021-2022 Covid-19 Policies of HDS


  •       Each teacher will be responsible for cleaning during the day and Terrance will wipe it down and spray the room again at the end of the day
  •       No classrooms will be used for any other purpose than Sunday School (when that starts back) and Day School.  The Church will be responsible for ensuring the rooms and toys are disinfected after using and ready for Day School.  Day School will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the toys and room to make it ready for church use
  •       The Day School will be confined to the Day School area only.  This includes buggy rides in foyer etc.
  •       Parents will be allowed in the building for drop-off during the first week of school.  After the first week, we will go back to limiting access to emergencies or appointment only.
  •       Temperatures of employees and students will be taken before entering the building.  If a staff member or child has a fever of 100.4 degrees or more, they will not be allowed entry and will not be able to return without a doctor’s note.  If a child presents with a temperature of 99, he /she will be allowed to stay and his/her temperature will be checked every 30 minutes.  If his/her fever rises to 100.4, they will be taken out of the classroom and isolated with a staff member until the parent arrives to pick them up
  •       Carseats will be left by the gym door and not be taken to the classroom
  •       Nappers will go home each day to be washed and returned the following day
  •       Our sick policy will be up to 72 hours fever, vomit and diarrhea free without medication or a doctor’s note saying they are safe to come back
  •       We will continue to follow CDC guidelines on traveling outside of the state or country
  •       Extended care will continue to have both centers and free play.  Children will be encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and toys will be sanitized before and after use
  •       Children will resume music, library, enrichment and Spanish in the designated classroom.  The room will be sanitized between classes to help keep cross-contamination at a minimum
  •       PE will resume with all of 1 age group coming at the same time (ex. 2K will have PE at the same time, etc.) and it will either occur outside or in the gym.  If PE is in the gym, equipment will be sanitized between classes
  •       Teachers will continue to practice social distancing by placing children in limited group sizes during all centers and table activities
  •       When it is time to rotate to the next center, each child will wash or sanitize his/her hands before going to the next center.  While this is occurring, the teacher will be disinfecting the toys and tables
  •       Since most of our teachers have received the Covid vaccine, a face mask or face shield will be encouraged, but not mandatory.  If we see a spike in Covid, flu or other viruses, teachers will be required to wear a mask or shield
  •       We will use a chemical sprayer filled with our approved sanitizing solution to enable us to spray larger areas of play faster
  •       Children will go outside to play whenever possible
  •       If a child or parent of a child has been “exposed” they will be asked to stay out of school up to 14 days or receive a negative test before returning
  •       If we are made aware that a child or parent of a child has tested positive for COVID-19, the child will be asked to stay home until they have a negative test.  Additionally, the spaces that the child has occupied will be disinfected before children are allowed to return to those spaces and we will then try to self-quarantine that class up to 14 days
  •       Chapel is a very important part of the Homewood Day School and we want to make sure we can continue to provide Chapel each week for our children.  A combined Chapel will occur every other week and a google link will be given to the teachers to follow along with their class on the “off” week

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